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Which Whisk should I whisk with?

With so many choices, it’s difficult to decide what whisk might be the most useful. Because we own them all, we use them all! But if you want to hone in on what each whisk is especially good for-here’s our advice.

From Top/center clockwise: Hawk-Tail, Small Turkey-Wing, Flyswatter/Window Sill, Turkey-Wing, Elegant Black Whisk, Traditional Whisk, and Traditional Turkey-Wing Whisks

Most all around useful: the Turkey-Wing Whisk

I use this whisk for just about everything. It is perfect for getting dog hair off the couch, sweeping dirt into a dustpan, or for a quick sweep of the carpeted stairs when I don’t want to get out the vacuum. We also use these in our shop, and for whisking snow off boots and shoulders in the winter. Its angled edge is perfect for getting into corners too!

The smaller Turkey-Wing whisks are perfect for the car. Say goodbye to crumbs on the seats or mats. These smaller whisks are also terrific for sweeping off tablecloths or kitchen counters. We use them often in our greenhouse to sweep up potting soil or plant debris.

My current favorite: the Flyswatter/Window Sill Whisk

I LOVE these brooms and have several around the house and shop. I can’t seem to hit a fly very often with our standard swatter, but I never miss with this one! I don’t know if the sound is different or the air moves differently or what, but flies don’t get away very often. And an added bonus-flies don’t get smashed to smitherines, so cleanup is much nicer!

Swatting flies isn’t all it’s good for either. As the name implies, the long reach of this broom works perfectly for sweeping cobwebs or bug debris from windowsills. It’s the perfect tool for cleaning around your plants or for many other small sweeping jobs. Be sure and check out our new color combos, or feel free to request a custom color or mix!

The best Folk Art Whisk: the Hawk-Tail Whisk

This handsome broom can be used exactly like a Turkey-Wing Whisk. It is especially stunning hanging on a wall, and will invite lots of great conversations.

Our best tent, workshop and stick-it-in-your pocket whisk: the traditional Whisk

OK, I’m showing my age here for sure, but when I was a tiny tot, movie theater ushers all had a traditional whisk stuffed in their back pocket. And yes! Theaters hired ushers who carried little flashlights, and they escorted you in the dark to your seat. Ushers used the whisks to sweep off seats and presumably floors too. You’ll find many ways to use these very functional brooms.

The Tampico Turkey-Wing Whisk

Our softest whisk: the Tampico Turkey-Wing Whisk

These whisks are made from Tampico fiber (from agave plants) and are super soft to the touch. We use these to whisk aphids off greenhouse plants, to sweep the chaff out our coffee roaster, and for other tasks where a gentle touch is required.

So in the end-what’s our advice? Well, we think you need them all and you will be surprised at how handy each and every one of them is! And a wall space with several brooms displayed is a lovely addition to any home.

If you’ve read this far and want to pick up a whisk from us, check out our Events listings at Contact/Find Us . Mention this Blog at one of our shows for a 10% discount. If you’re ordering online, use the code Which Whisk for 10% off an order of $35 or more.

Happy Whisking!

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