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Rattlesnakes, Bears and WildFire, oh my!

Wildfire--It has been an exciting few weeks at Frog Hollow. This is a photo of the Titan fire about 6 miles from us. It started on a hot, dry, windy day and grew from a few acres to nearly 1,000 acres overnight. It was expected to become a 100,000 acre fire, but good weather and a fleet of water dropping tanker planes quickly got it under control. But not before we received a warning to evacuate immediately.

We are practiced at this evacuation thing, unfortunately, as we had prepared to evacuate a couple times before because of threatening wildfire. This time we actually loaded and left. We were allowed to return pretty quickly, but the process was stressful, for sure!

Rattlesnake--And this was just a few days after discovering a large rattlesnake at the door of our garage, where we make our brooms. Once again we were fortunate, as it was still early morning on a cool night and the sluggish snake didn't strike. I frequently saunter from the house to the garage barefoot, and seeing that snake there was a bit disconcerting!

Bear--As we were discussing the rattlesnakes appearance with a friend later in the morning, we noticed a big, blond colored black bear in our meadow. Normally, when a bear sees or smells people they skedaddle, but this bear has gotten a taste for backyard chickens and wasn't afraid of us at all. We truly live in the wilds!

Please be patient with us as we get our broom making selves back into the creative mode!

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