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Our Story

No photos of Great-Grandpa Morris survived, but when we think about how hard he and his family worked to grow and harvest broomcorn, and to make and sell brooms, we are filled with admiration.

Following in the footsteps of Great-Grandpa morris

A genealogy quest led me to discover that my Great-Grandfather Morris grew broomcorn and made brooms in western Kansas. Now the photos we found in my Grandmother's shoe-box made sense. We are proud to carry on the family tradition in a new way.

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About us

Hello there, we are Tom and Penny Bieber. Since we were 25 years old, we have pursued a self-reliant lifestyle, building our own house, growing our own food, using recycled materials, heating with passive solar, and enjoying our 105 acres at Frog Hollow in the mountains of southern Colorado. Now we are busy making a perfect broom for you!

Aaron making a first broom.jpeg

First brooms

We need to know more!

To honor our family history, we decided to make brooms as a Bieber family Christmas activity. We ordered supplies, watched a YouTube video and proceeded to make three gorgeous turkey-wing whisks…that promptly fell apart.

But the whisks had fired our imagination and creative spirit. And all our friends wanted one. So, we set out to learn how to properly make beautiful handmade brooms. At first our expectation was that we would make enough brooms to have fabulous gifts for family and friends…and maybe sell a few here and there. But the encouragement and love of family and friends convinced us this was a path we were meant to be on. We haven’t looked back since!

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