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Life at frog hollow

For almost 43 years, Tom and I have had the great joy of living on our little piece of paradise at Frog Hollow. There hasn't been a single day that we have taken that privilege for granted.

Tom and Penny in front of new barn.jpeg

The Great Adventure!

It all started 53 years ago when the Bieber family moved in across the street from the Long family. When a neighbor arranged for Penny to ride to school with Tom, who already had a drivers license and a baby-blue 1952 Studebaker, it set in motion a lifelong adventure! 

"Let's get married, buy some property, drop out of city life, build a house, and be self-reliant! OK?" "Sounds good to me!" We were anxious to end the sense of separation from the good earth we felt living in the city. We wanted to witness the wonder and fury of nature on a daily basis and on a grand as well as delicate scale. So we jumped in with both feet, and haven't quite touched bottom yet!"

The waterfall

When we saw this beautiful, tranquil and sheltered spot, we knew we had found our permanent home. This sandstone shelf doesn't always have water running. In fact, it usually doesn't. But that makes every time it does run even more glorious and special. When spring winds become just too annoying, a quick walk to "the waterfall" and its calm shelter renews our spirit and helps us restore our love of place.

Aaron ready to launch the Big Swing (1).

the big swing

Tom built this swing for my Christmas gift in 1982. It hung from a beam in our living room for a few months until it could be installed on a hillside near our home. The exhilarating drop-off as you swing out from the hill is thrilling for old and young alike. Many of our son Aaron's friends tell us one of their favorite memories of time spent at Frog Hollow is The Big Swing.

Tom on the Big Swing.jpeg
Frog Hollow greenhouses.jpeg

The dome greenhouse

We really are in a bit of a hollow -- a spot that is several degrees colder than all the surrounding land. With frequent last frosts in early to mid-June and first frosts in early September, our short growing season and very cool nights make outside gardening difficult. The solution-our two greenhouses. We spend a lot of time amongst the wonderful green and beautiful flowers in the depth of winter, and truly enjoy the bountiful food harvests year-round.

Tom with fig tree in dome.jpeg
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