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broom care & lore

Broom care

  • Always hang your broom. Standing a broom on its bristle end will bend the broomcorn and greatly reduce sweeping power.

  • Keep your broom out of direct sun. Direct sunlight will fade the beautiful colors quickly and reduce the life of your broom.

  • If you live in a dry climate, occasionally dip the ends of the broom below the stitching into warm water to restore moisture. Dry thoroughly.

  • If your broom starts looking splayed, dip it in water for a bit, reshape and then tie with twine or a rubber band overnight. Be sure to dry thoroughly.

  • A well cared for broom will last many years.

Broom Lore

  • Lay a broom across your threshold on New Year’s Day to keep evil spirits at bay for the rest of the year.

  • If a bride and groom jump over a broom together while holding hands, their marriage will be blessed with good fortune.

  • For good luck, always buy a new broom when you move into a new house.

  • It is bad luck to rest a broom on its bristles.

  • It is good luck to rest a broom on its handle.

  • To make sure your meal is good, lay a broom under your dining room table while cooking.

  • A broom laid under your bed sweeps away all bad dreams.

  • If a visitor is overstaying his welcome, stand a broom up behind the door of the room in which he’s being entertained. He will soon grow uncomfortable and leave.

  • To bring rain within three days, dip a broom into a bucket of water into which a dried fern has been crumbled and then hold the broom aloft, shaking the water out to simulate rainfall.

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