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We Miss You!

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

For the last three years we have had the great privilege of showing you our handmade, colorful brooms and meeting you face-to-face. We listened to your stories of helping your ancestors harvest broomcorn, or your story about the local broom shop that used to be in your town, or the memories of Mom or Grandma using her broom. We were happy to share the story of broomcorn and how it grows and hand you a broomcorn stalk to touch. We watched as you were drawn to just the right beautiful brooms when they "spoke" to you. 

Those days will return, and we will be happy to meet you again. In the meantime, I hope this new broom store helps you find the perfect gift or just the right tool for your time spent at home. We hope you'll think of our hands mixing the colors, securing the broomcorn on the handle, and lovingly adding that Frog Hollow Broom tag. Stay safe and see you soon!

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