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Great-Grandpa's "excellent dirt eradicators"

In the November 23rd edition of the Syracuse Journal and Republican-News, Great-Grandpa Morris’ brooms were declared to be "excellent dirt eradicators", and the news article went on to say, “His prices have been 'Hooverized,' and he sells them right."

Arthur had trademarked his brooms as “Sunburst” and they were made with broomcorn that he grew and harvested himself. He took frequent road trips to sell hundreds of his brooms, at prices ranging from 25 cents (for neighbors and friends) up to 45 cents in later years.

1913, the same Syracuse, Kansas newspaper encouraged its readers to support the Morris's home industry. “If a stranger had put in a $10,000 broom factory at Syracuse, he would possibly have been wined and dined from the start and much ado made of him.”

The newspaper goes on to describe my Great-Grandpa's broom business in Kansas as a “small, modest and unpretentious” operation and urged “some recognition and a measure of loyalty to our local industries of humbler proportions...It turns out an honest well-made broom."

We continue in Great-grandpa's footsteps, with the goal of producing "an honest well-made broom" that perhaps brings a bit of delight to your everyday chores. We are grateful for your support of our operation of "humbler proportions!"

Penny and Tom

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