Who ever thought sweeping could feel so good!

This broom is a pleasure to use! You’ll find yourself reaching for your vacuum cleaner less and less. The woven plaiting adds another artistic dimension.

Broomcorn, wire, twine, reed plaiting, leather hanger, beautiful diamond willow handle, 57 inches

"Diamond Willow Beauty" Sweeper

  • This gorgeous diamond willow handle has so much personality! It is perfectly complimented with the rich reds and browns broomcorn echoing the colors in the diamonds of the handle. Burgundy stitiching and a beautiful reed plaiting (weaving) at the base of the handle add just the right accent. You'll be proud to display this on your wall, but it is a functional broom too, with a lovely, soft sweep.  


    Leather hanger, 56 inches long. Care instructions are on the tag.