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Three Sure-Fire Ways to RUIN your Frog Hollow Broom

And how to keep it looking New!

Your Frog Hollow Broom should give you many years of service if well cared for, but you can ruin it in a heartbeat if you mistreat it! Never fear! Keep reading to learn how to care for and restore your broom to like-new condition.

To keep your broom at its best:

  1. Never stand your broom on its bristles! Always hang your broom by its hanger or stand your broom on its handle when not in use. WHY? Because once the bristles bend, your broom will not sweep well. And the soft, sensual sweep of a Frog Hollow Broom is one of life’s little pleasures.

  2. Never store your broom in direct sunlight! Especially for those of us at high altitude-the sun is your broom’s enemy. You can’t slather it in sunscreen, so make sure it retains its beautiful, colorful luster by keeping it out of the sun.

  3. Never allow your broom to stay wet! Broomcorn is a natural product, and unlike plastic, it will mildew if left wet. In our dry Colorado climate, that isn’t usually a problem. But if you live in a humid area, be sure and keep your broom dry.

Ironically, if you do live in a dry area, we recommend you occasionally dip your broom in water below the stitching, or occasionally sweep a bit of light snow. That bit of a bath helps restore moisture to your broom’s bristles and lengthens its life.

So, what if you haven’t ruined your broom, but it's looking a little ratty and splayed from everyday use?

This is my broom and it needs some reshaping. First I've dipped it in water for a minute or so. Be careful to keep the water below the stitching to prevent mold in the compressed sewn area.

Once damp, I comb and tuck and straighten the fibers until they look neat and tidy. Now tie the broom with a rubber band or string and dry overnight. Be sure your broom isn’t crimped too tightly with the tie--you don't want it to dry with dents!

In the morning-remove your band or string and your broom will look like new again. Ahhhhhh...nice! Now why don't you take a moment to enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee while admiring your broom! Job well done!

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