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Seeing Clearly at Frog Hollow!

Our new rooster, freshly washed windows and smoke-free skies!

When the rooster given to us by a friend kept running into oak brush branches and stranding himself while trying to hide out--I knew he needed a new perspective!

It's a new world!

That's our new rooster Fang in the photo above. That top-knot hairdo is a bit scruffy after a kitchen shears trim! Fang arrived skittish and terrified, and when introduced to our mild flock of hens, he hid behind a water barrel. His first day at Frog Hollow, he required several rescues when he found himself in spots from which he couldn't see a way out. Fang's uneven gait and general demeanor made it clear that he just couldn't see past the top knot feathers covering his eyes. In fact, I was struggling to figure out where his eyes even were! So Tom and I carefully nabbed the poor guy to conduct a chicken barbershop event. He didn't struggle a bit as Tom held him and I carefully clipped away at the feathers around his eyes. When Tom set him back down on the ground, the change was instant! Fang stood a little taller and walked with confidence now that he had a new world vision! It was an eye opener for me and Tom too, when I spent the morning with squeegee and brush cleaning the windows in our home. WOW! The world suddenly looked so crisp and fresh! 

And the view of our beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains has certainly improved also! Gone are the smoke-filled valleys and hazy or even orange skies-the unhappy result of horrible wildfires in Colorado and California. A glorious snow storm damped those fires down, and the 16 inches of snow we received at Frog Hollow moistened our parched soil and brought back that amazing fall smell of wet pine needles on the forest floor.

So now we are all seeing a little more clearly. Life is very good! We all just needed a new perspective!

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